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VBI Valuation Bias Indicator: The VBI is designed to assess the likelihood of bias in the appraisal process by evaluating the diversity within the subject property’s market. By utilizing this data, it estimates the potential for appraiser bias in the final value estimate.

HIGH BIAS: If the diversity level of the subject property market is low, there is a higher probability of bias in the appraisal valuation. In such cases, it is crucial for consumers and lenders to have an appraiser who possesses strong familiarity with the immediate market or demonstrates a minimum level of geographic competency. This ensures sensitivity to the various factors such as race, religion, culture, and customs prevalent in the area.

LOW BIAS: Conversely, when the diversity level of the subject property market is high, the potential for bias in the appraisal is reduced. In such scenarios, most appraisers from the immediate and greater market can satisfactorily serve consumers and lenders. The diverse nature of the market tends to minimize the sensitivity to any specific race, religion, culture, or customs, resulting in a more objective valuation process.

By employing the VBI, stakeholders can identify and address potential biases, leading to fairer and more accurate property appraisals, benefiting all parties involved in the transaction.

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